Coarsing The Rapids of River Road

This is a few blocks from my office, where I fortunately was not headed this morning, but could have been any other Tuesday morning.

Passengers on the aptly named River Road were met with a four foot wall of water --all gushing from a pipe at the difficult to believe rate of 667 gallons/minute. Scary!
The massive rupture transformed River Road into an actual river for much of the morning, with swirling current and dangerous debris including chunks of asphalt that had broken loose. The whirring of the helicopter propellers added to the stiff winds already blowing the frigid, 17-degree air, spraying water up over the trapped vehicles.
Fortunately no one seems to have been seriously hurt --by the grace of God the break happened just down the street from the rescue station, so crews were on the scene almost instantly. A section of road was washed away and there's a growing sink hole in another section where water carried away the ground underneath the asphalt.