Indian Muslims Stand Up For Themselves

There would be less jihadism if there were more of this:

In what is perhaps their first openly defiant act against "Islamic terrorism", Muslims in India have decided they will not allow the [Mumbai] militants to be buried in Muslim graveyards anywhere in the country.

They said that they could not believe that the assailants, who they said had "killed innocent civilians unprovoked", were true followers of Islam. Ibrahim Tai, the president of the Indian Muslim Council, which looks after the social and religious affairs of the Muslim community in India, said that they had "defamed" his religion.

"They are not Muslims as they have not followed our religion which teaches us to live in peace.

It's not just one Muslim group, either.

Other Muslim groups have written to their local assembly representatives to say that if the authorities force the militants to be buried in a Muslim graveyard, they too will come out on the streets in protest.

The council move found some support in Mumbai.

One Muslim housewife, Ruksana Sayeed, said: "We Muslims do not even kill an ant, our religion does not teach all this, we are against all these terrorists and I completely agree with the Muslim Council's argument."

Even the lone dissenter cited in the story is only arguing for mercy:

Naseem Ahmed, a Muslim worker in the city, said the council was wrong.

"They are Muslims and they can be buried even if they have done something wrong. Our religion does not say that those who have done evil can't be buried in a cemetery," he said.

I think this is the first story I have ever seen in which ordinary Muslims --not Mullahs or official spokesmen-- were quoted opining about the meaning and implications of their faith. Interesting.

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