Nattering Nabobs of Negativity

For weeks now WaPo has been noisily demanding a bailout for the automakers. Yesterday, the President indeed bailed them out (whether wisely I don't know) but is there word one about that today in the paper? You'd think if you got your way after weeks and weeks there might be a "President Saves Automakers" or at least a grudging "Prez. Gives Us What We Want" headline.

No. The lone story is: UAW's Sacrifices Look To Some Like Surrender. (We got what we want, we're miserable!) Sheesh. Conservatives are the ones who should be crying. Here's what they're mad about:

The language of the loan agreement sets specific "restructuring targets" that General Motors and Chrysler must use their "best efforts" to meet. Compensation must be made "equal" to the nonunion workers, and work rules must be "competitive" with those at nonunion plants. The companies also must reduce compensation to workers who have been laid off -- the jobs bank -- and at least half of the company's payments into retiree health care must be made in stock, not cash. If the companies fall short of those targets, they are required to explain why.

The payment in stock makes the health fund more risky. The wage concessions could force average wages down to $24 an hour from $28 an hour, analysts said.