The Obama Parenting Effect

Interesting post on parents invoking Obama as a motivator for their kids:

The Rev. Thomas H. Hagin, pastor of Brightwood Park United Methodist Church in Northwest Washington, use the stories on his children and those in his congregation. "We say: No more excuses. All things are possible. But it comes through hard work. . . . No one can say just because we have been kissed by the sun, we can't reach the presidency."

His wife, Tammy, a D.C. social worker, says she has made a more conscious effort to sit down with their daughter, Amber, to go over school assignments. "Even in Amber, I have seen a push to do better because of the reality of Obama." She turns to her daughter, who is listening with her head in her hand. "I asked you what you wanted to be," the mother says, "and you said you wanted to be a judge. Does that feel more doable now?"

"Yes," says Amber, 14, an eighth-grade student, "because Obama can do it. I see myself studying harder. I stay more focused. I take more notes. I am asking a lot more questions."

I read something similar right after the election.

a friend told me of a post-election TV interview with a group of young black men in an inner city, who each said something like this, “Well, now we have no excuse if we don’t make something better of our lives.” If that sentiment translates to action rather than wearing off, it would be a powerfully good thing not only for that group of men, but for the country as a whole.
If Obama inspires anyone to work hard and not worry about race, it really is wonderful, but...
I just hope that when asked, "Why were you and Justin climbing on the table?" that the kids don't learn to respond, "Dad . . . this is not the Justin I knew."