A Poem For The Inauguration

The Ryskind Sketchbook offers a sneak preview of the poem for the inauguration. And makes a pitch to boot out this Elizabeth Alexander person and replace her with himself:

Chicago Hope

The Kenyan Son of Kansas mama–
Named Barack Hussein Obama–
Swept a country off its feet
With money, logos and the beat
Of “Change we can believe in.”
The Fusion Jazz of his campaignin’
Did Hillary and John McCain in.
Groupie Presses joined the trope
Reporting that clich├ęs and hope
Are change we can believe in.
He overcame election night:
Flag pin flaps and Reverend Wright
Rezko, Biden, Billy Ayres–
Because the voters said “Who cares?”
Was change that left me grievin’
Still Barry, Sir, we wish you well–
Even Rahm Emmanuel
And every other Clinton crony
In your Cab’net. Change? Baloney!
At best we’re breakin’ even.