Cinderella v. Barracuda. For heaven's sake, the princess doesn't even vote --how can she govern?

"Reporting" On Conscience Rules and scare-quoting rights.

The Iranians are calling it the "shoe intifada."
The shoe Intifadha in Iraq should not be overlooked easily. Well done to Iraqi journalist for throwing the shoes at the US President.

His shoes should be kept in Iraq's political museum. The pair of shoes are more valuable than crowns, medals and signs," Ayatollah Jannati told large groups of Tehrani Friday prayers worshipers at Tehran University campus.
Actually, I agree with that. As part of a display on freedom of speech before and after the fall of Saddam.

10 Climate Predictions For This Year That Didn't Come True. (The only climate prediction that did come true was that Al Gore would win the Nobel Prize!)

Article Hope, Section Change: It's a designation, nothing more.

If God is dead, so is reason.