Where Have You Been Living?

Jules Crittenden smacks down the Blogger Who's Become A Cautionary Tale. Ordinarily it's not worth it to read and certainly not to argue with BWBACT, but insofar as this applies to all the folk with BDS, I liked this, responding to the alleged attacks on the Constitution committed by the Bush Administration:
Whatever alternative United States [the BDS afflicted] has dwelt in for the last seven years, sounds like it’s been a living heck. All laws suspended indefinitely. Enemy combatant labels slapped on everyone, everyone tortured … indefinitely.

In the United States I’ve been living in, the president very politely sought and received authorization from Congress to run this nation’s wars; asked for and received billions of dollars in multiple appropriations from Congress to finance this nation’s wars; consulted Congress on interrogation techniques and had Democrats urging him not to pussyfoot around; and when the going got tough and popular opinion wavered, stood alone as a strong executive, pushing forward to fight and win while the legislative branch dithered, wrung its hands, and did what legislative branches and weak executives do, which is cater to popular whims, ineffectively.

Thank you, Jules! To this day Congress has never lifted a finger to stop Bush from doing anything he's done with respect to the War on Terror. Which means, for good and for ill, the majority in Congress has approved and continues to approve Bush's actions while saying otherwise for reasons of its own.