Could We Maybe Hear It First?

I think it was Tom Lehrer who coined the term "pre-nostalgia." CNN practices it well, however.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President-elect Barack Obama's inaugural address is one of the most anticipated speeches in decades, with many expecting his words to be chiseled into marble some day.
Gee, fellas, what's the hurry? The man's so eloquent, I'm sure we'll have scads of speeches to choose from when we get around to chiseling. Not that chiseled marble is the ultimate test of eloquence necessarily. Plus, it does your man no favors to raise expectations.

I'm keeping my powder dry with respect to Mr. Obama, figuring we should neither praise nor blame him before he actually does something. As President.

Curtsy: Gateway Pundit, who notes
it's bad when even Pravda notices how biased you are.