Escaped The Island

Patrick McGoohan passed away yesterday. A man who turned down Bond, Gandalf and Dumbledore. As this appreciation points out, liberty was the theme of his work. This is interesting:
McGoohan was married to the same woman for 57 years, and included in the contract for his first TV series, “Danger Man,” three special clauses: 1) no kissing, 2) each fight had to be different, and 3) his character must always try to use his brains before resorting to a gun.
Someone left this enjoyable comment on the post, beginning with part of an interview McGoohan gave:
"When we started Danger Man the producer wanted me to carry a gun and to have an affair with a different girl each week. I refused. I am not against romance on television, but sex is the antithesis of romance. Television is a gargantuan master that all sorts of people watch at all sorts of time. and it has a moral obligation towards its audience.” This quaint attitude marginalized him with audiences so much he became the highest paid actor in Britain.

Compare that model of integrity with the starlet who piously opines she'd never do nudity unless the role really called for it, by which I suppose she means unless the director really called for it. And it always breaks the "4th wall" and destroys the scene. But I digress. Wired's appreciation goes into how much Lost owes to his Prisoner.