Pretty Much How I Feel About It

Jules Crittenden: Hurl-blogging the Inaugur-a-palooza. It's nothing against Obama.

No disparagement of the president-elect intended. I’m happy for people who are happy about Obama’s election. I probably like Obama more at this point than a lot of people who voted for him, anyway, seeing as he’s abandoned his Iraq abandonment position, taking over key aspects of the Bush doctrine, whatever that is, backing off on his campaign promises and looking for a big fat tax cut. Meanwhile, he’s allowed Hillary Clinton to take over all the key chokepoints of his government, which promises to be good for many, many laughs over the next four years, as from time to time will Joe Biden, if he is ever allowed to say anything in public again.

About the racial aspect of the event, I’m glad our nation has reached this milestone. I hope it gets us past a lot of the racial bigotry that still plagues us, though I doubt it will.
Tee-hee, I enjoyed this digression:
I don’t know about you, but after eight years of “Blah blah blah, Bush this, blah blah blah, Bush that,” I don’t mind being released from eight years of relentless Palin-bashing and the interminable McCain deathwatch.
Boy, is that right. Is that evidence of a biopsy on the President's face this morning, David? Well, Brian, The White House spokesman insists he just cut himself shaving, but with his history of CANCER, you never can be sure....
We also don’t have to listen to a bunch of whiny Euros who … when they aren’t busy bashing Paks, torching Turkish tenements, swastiking the local synagogue, and hosing down the car-b-ques … would be blathering on endlessly right now and for the next four decades or so about what racists Americans are.
He's looking forward, as am I, to the Inauguration itself, which is an important American event. It's the surrounding stuff. The build-up events. And...
What I expect will really bring my cookies up is the inescapable gushing. The chirpy hope-mongering. The gob-smacked, child-like wonder, from people who should know better. The constant googly-eyed assertions that, politically, racially, economically and otherwise, everything has changed in this nation, and that what we’re witnessing is not an inauguration but a blinding flash of divine grace. No one gushes quite like Americans, and no one gets sucked in quite like Americans, but no ones disgorges schmalz anything like American TV, which promises a heaveup of truly historic proportions in this case.
Indeed, bleah.