Putting Away Childish Things

"Terminator" from The Ryskind Sketchbook

Or as "Md. Mommy" put it rather memorably in a combox
I guess brown won't be stickin' around.*
Update: One fifth of the world's pregnancies ends in abortion. One third of European pregnancies ends in abortion. President Obama thinks we can do better: and, in time of financial crisis, is a budget priority. Shouldn't Planned Parenthood be among those tightening its belt?

In addition to the EO overturning Mexico City, the proposed Obama budget restores hundreds of millions of dollars to UNFPA to fund China's one-child policy (which money we're probably borrowing from China in the first place!) and hundreds of millions so clinics here can give out free contraceptives and be reimbursed for them with our tax dollars.

Apparently we'll be tightening our belts around our ankles.

*In need of remedial help?