Saints of Christmas: Elizabeth Ann Seton


In the U.S., today's actually the transferred feast of Epiphany, so happy feast day!

But in the meanwhile, you can't learn enough about our first home-grown saint, born two years before the revolution. She was from an "it" New York family and married happily until a rapid series of misfortunes culminating in the death of her husband led her on a quest that led her to the Church and a life of sanctity as foundress of the Sisters of Charity in the US.

Prayer of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Our Father, you would not willingly call on us to suffer.
You say all things work together for our good if we are faithful to You.
Therefore, if You ordain it:
through disappointment and poverty, sickness and pain,
even shame and contempt and calumny,
You will support us with the consolation of Your Grace
and compensate us for any temporal suffering
by the possession of that peace which the world can neither give nor take away.