Txtng Mxs U La-Z

"Talkers" are no-good "doers."
was one of the mantras of my childhood, and now House of Eratosthenes has a post on that topic, in which, having previously observed that cell phones, texting, twittering and facebook have made it possible to "talk" always but communicate little he makes this brilliant observation:
I’m seeing when we do communicate and actually manage to get it done, the communication isn’t done to ensure things get done that were supposed to get done…it’s done to change direction in some way. “There’s been a change in plans.” That, or to notify someone (me, a lot, lately) that something won’t get done when it was supposed to be. All too often, I can’t shake the feeling that if it weren’t for these cell phones, e-mails, instant-messages and other miracles of the modern age, the thing that isn’t gonna get done now, would…just go ahead and get done.

If you couldn't back out last minute with a text message, wouldn't you go ahead and go? Texting as eviscerator of the will!