[Possibly, Who Can Tell?] Upholding A Grim Tradition --Updated

[Update: Actually, contrary to published reports, he didn't do it...yet. Update 2 Or that he did. Whatever.]

With the news that President Obama's first foreign policy move will be the decision to promote and fund abortions for non-American babies (by his expected repeal of the Mexico City policy tomorrow), Mr. W. points out this is something of an American tradition: withdrawing recognition of the human rights of entire classes of people two days after an inauguration.
  • The Dred Scott decision came down two days after the Buchanan inaugural (yet Buchanan alluded to the decision in his inaugural address, which was why Lincoln always said the fix was in).
  • Roe v. Wade came down two days after Nixon's 2nd inaugural.
Every day is a battle between freedom and tyranny. And every generation finds its way to besmirch the spotless creed by trampling on the rights of others in the name of freedom.