In Stunning Act of Delayed Retribution, First Black President Enslaves All Americans

This is how freedom dies.

  • We're all officially enslaved to a tax burden we can never pay, yea, verily, unto the 8th generation. In the name of a stimulus package which, by taking $1 trillion out of the private sector, will suck away all our jobs (the average American job paying $40,000/ year, that works out to job loss of what, 25 million jobs? My calculator doesn't have that many places). Markets panic. Naturally. We just nationalized our economy.
  • The bill includes a government takeover of health care.
  • Welfare un-reformed.
  • The White House is taking over the census to gerrymander us into a one party system.
  • Fairness Doctrine on the way, although not in a bill requiring votes. Just regulations, regulations, regulations.
Seems like there's a term we learned in economics for a regime in which private property is retained but government controls the means of production, exercises autocratic control over programs, promotes national unity, creates one party rule and stifles opposition. It's on the tip of my tongue.