Obama's Poodles

You know the press is in the bag for Obama, but some things are so blatant they're astonishing. Via the Anchoress comes the story (first reported by Instapundit) of the high school kids who mocked Obama's stimulus package while he was out on the stump.
AIRBRUSHING IN THE EAST VALLEY TRIBUNE? So I linked to a story on high school students skeptical about Obama’s stimulus speech. Now the story has the same headline, but the quotes are missing, replaced by a bunch of feelgood talk about how excited everyone was to have Obama in town. But you can find the original story here. And here’s the Google Cache. Some difference, huh? I emailed the reporter, Hayley Ringle, to ask what happened. (Bumped)…The Google Cache now shows the new story. No response to my email yet. I saved screenshots, though, and of course there’s the Drudge capture.
And if you go to that article now, this appears:
To our readers: Due to a technical error, this story was temporarily removed from our Web site. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Dark times for liberty.