Senate Grants Obama Droit de Seigneur

The Senate will likely pass the stimulus bill, even though the reconciled version is 1100 pp. long and was released at 11 pm last night.

Yes, folks, the Congress of the United States is going to borrow or print a trillion dollars to spend on it literally knows not what. (Can't we lodge a constitutional challenge?)

Plus, treat those cancers now! Socialized medicine stays in:
funds a back-door effort to socialize medicine and set up UK-style health care rationing in the United States. The $1.1 billion in the bill for “comparative effectiveness research” will help establish a government board that will make life and death medical decisions about health care cost and treatments. (Page 52 of House Conference Report)
See. Sen. Coburn's speech on the floor on this topic here. (Feb. 13th, on health care provisions.)