Why Do They Hate Us?

Perhaps you've read that President Obama has nominated a p0rn champion to be the #2 in the Justice Department. The guy won't even protect kids from being exposed to p0rn in libraries, and he fought for p0rn0graphers' "right" not to have to make sure their models are of age. Roger Scruton makes the interesting observation that this has foreign policy implications.
it is legal activism in America that has paved the way for the world-wide flood of pornographic material, and for the world-wide revulsion against a society and a culture that seems to find nothing wrong with it. The issue of pornography is therefore not just a major domestic problem: it is, or ought to be, at the top of the foreign policy agenda. For President Obama to be making overtures of conciliation towards the Muslim world—something that is certainly needed—while appointing to high legal office one of the most virulent advocates of a culture that poses the greatest threat to Muslim society is, it seems to me, indicative of a deep confusion—a confusion inherent in the essential negativity of liberal politics.