Barack Obama And The Least Of These

Why it matters whether a politician is pro-life.

Maybe 15 years ago I was with some gals who were talking about pro-life Ob-Gyns in the area. Someone remarked in passing that she makes certain all her doctors are pro-life, not just her OB. At the time it struck me as fussy; I was concentrating only on the material cooperation in abortion involved in supporting a part-time abortionist's medical practice. Who cares what your cardiologist thinks?

My friend corrected me, however, and she was right. Whether or not a person supports the right to life tells you something fundamental about how the person sees all life --whether from the materialist or from the personalist point of view. Will your cardiologist fight for your life with his last measure of devotion if he's already decided it isn't worth living?

So. Last November, we Americans collectively cast our vote for the first President in our history to actually support abortion as a fundamental right, not even a necessary evil.

Here are some items which follow logically from that position.
  • Reversal of the Mexico City policy (abortion as official foreign policy measure. Yes, I know, technically the $$ only goes for contraceptives. Only now it goes to abortion-providers, and all $$ is fungible. Same diff.)
  • FDA approval for embryonic stem cell experiments.
  • Proposed crushing of conscience protections for pro-life physicians and institutions (so much for "choice," right?)
  • Sec. of HHS nominee: pro-choice Sen. Daschle, author of the plan to British-ize our health care system, who's scolded Americans for being too attached to life and too desirous of new treatments and medications. Withdrawn for tax evasion. New nominee? Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, personal friend of late-term abortionists George Tiller & LeRoy Carhart, who routinely dismember post-viability fetuses.
    Over the past three years she has vetoed measures requiring explicit medical reasons for late-term abortions; requiring abortion providers to report the diagnosis or the nature of the condition which necessitated a post-viability abortion; and permitting injunctive relief for either a completed or about-to-be-performed illegal late-term abortion and adding certain prosecutors (in addition to the Attorney General) to prosecute violations of existing prohibitions on late-term abortions.
This is the person who's going to be the nation's role model for good health care, mind you. Not that we should be shocked, given the President himself voted three separate times while in the Illinois Legislature to prohibit caring for born infants who survived abortion. (The nation's up in arms over just such an infant thrown into a trash can in FL. The President & the incoming director of our national health care think that's appropriate treatment!)
I would argue there is a direct connection between this policy and the disappearance of human rights from US foreign policy considerations.
  • Last week our new Sec. of State announced in China that human rights are not a US priority.
    She said she would continue to press China on issues such as human rights and Tibet, but added: "Our pressing on those issues can't interfere on the global economic crisis, the global climate change crisis and the security crisis."
So sorry, dissidents yearning to be free, dubious climate change takes precedence over your actual lives. Even quiet symbolic gestures are gone:
US state department officials said Mrs Clinton was likely to go to church in Beijing on Sunday, something President George W Bush did when visiting to highlight lack of religious freedom in China. But they said Mrs Clinton's churchgoing was "private" and, unlike that of Mr Bush, would not be open to the media.
  • Speaking of sucking up to our Chinese overlords, as mentioned yesterday, our new head of National Intelligence --the guy who summarizes the world for the President-- hates Israel and was on the side of the tanks in Tianamen Square.
  • Snuck into the omnibus spending bill: relaxation of travel sanctions with Cuba, and a move not to require Cuba to pay for our products up front. (So now we're going to prop up Raul?)
And there will be much more to come. Because people are not persons, each with innate dignity and rights, but blobs of tissue, fully disposable.