Class Warfare Is Immoral

This is the most refreshing story I've seen since the economic downturn. At Beth Israel Deaconness hospital, the CEO turned to his employees for aid in not laying anyone off. At the rate of hundreds of emails and hour, people came through: they want to help each other. What a refreshing change of pace from the class-baiting and warfare we've been exposed to since last fall. Nobody even wants that when it comes right down to it.

Which puts me in mind of two principles of Catholic social teaching: solidarity (which resists class warfare --see section III) and subsidiarity (local solutions work the best). This story exemplifies both.

With respect to class warfare being a sin: a few week ago I picked up a booklet in the used books rack at my parish: Self-Delusion and True Contrition Apparently it's an excerpt from Pardon and Peace,published in 1965. Some of the language is a little stilted to the point of being amusing, but it's terrific. This caught my eye in one of the conscience exams:
Have I chosen to forget that public money comes out of my neighbours' pockets and that no government can produce money by magic?
I've been thinking about that lately because I've been embroiled in conversations with Catholics fond of saying the GOP gets the social issues correct (Catholically speaking), but the Dems get the social justice issues correct. Really, even though they routinely ignore both solidarity and subsidiarity?

Bless me, Father, for I have supported Stimulus!