Competence & Responsibility Are Evil

East Bridgewater Savings Bank has no delinquent loans, no foreclosures, healthy assets and is making a profit.

And the government is having none of it. Slapping the bank with a low rating, it insists the bank should be lending to borrowers unworthy of credit. And should have a website.
Considering his bank is doing well in tanking industry and even the FDIC’s deposit insurance fund is in trouble after paying for an upswing in bank failures, Petrucelli told the Boston Business Journal that the negative rating caught him by surprise.
Emphasis mine: Hel-lo! The FDIC's insurance fund isn't sound but it's harassing a solvent bank?

Remember the grasshopper and the ant? In the new American version, not only does the grasshopper fiddle the summer away taking no precautions for the future, he's also the mayor of Bug Town and passes a law forcing the ant not to be diligent either. More and more I see our problems not as policy issues but ones of character.