Environmentalism Kills

Lord Christopher Monckton:

Now the very same soi-disant “Greens” [who killed 40 million people by banning DDT] are killing millions by starvation in a dozen of the world’s poorest regions. Their biofuel scam, a nasty by-product of their shoddy, senseless, failed, falsified, fraudulent “global warming” bugaboo, has turned millions of acres of agricultural land from growing food for humans to growing fuel for automobiles. If we let them, they will carelessly kill tens of millions more by pursuing Osamabamarama’s stated ambition of shutting down nine-tenths of the economies of the West and flinging us back to the Stone Age without even the right to light fires in our caves.

The prosperity of the West is not only our sustenance. It is also the very lifeblood of the struggling nations of the Third World. If our economies fail, we are inconvenienced, but they die.

In the past year there have been food riots in a dozen major regions, in protest at the doubling of the price of staple food which the World Bank blames almost entirely on the biofuel scam. Has your favourite news medium reported the riots and the mass starvation? Probably not. Has it given our starving fellow-men--our brothers and sisters--the same attention and prominence and column inches and frequency of coverage as it has given to every icicle putatively dribbling in Greenland? Certainly not.

Those who are dying are only black people, poor people, in far-away countries of which we know little, with no voice and no vote. Why should we care? Well, we should care. And we--you and I--we do care. In this debate it is we who hold the moral high ground.

RTWT. Solidarity!

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