Formerly Gray Lady Notices "Science" Doesn't Like ESCR

Minus the snarky anti-Bush remarks, this is an amazingly good piece. Rethink stem cells? Science already has. In which it is acknowledged that ESCR is unnecessary.
However, the president’s support of embryonic stem cell research comes at a time when many advances have been made with other sorts of stem cells. The Japanese biologist Shinya Yamanaka found in 2007 that adult cells could be reprogrammed to an embryonic state with surprising ease. This technology “may eventually eclipse the embryonic stem cell lines for therapeutic as well as diagnostics applications,” Dr. Kriegstein said. For researchers, reprogramming an adult cell can be much more convenient, and there have never been any restrictions on working with adult stem cells.
And way oversold:

Members of Congress and advocates for fighting diseases have long spoken of human embryonic stem cell research as if it were a sure avenue to quick cures for intractable afflictions. Scientists have not publicly objected to such high-flown hopes, which have helped fuel new sources of grant money like the $3 billion initiative in California for stem cell research.

In private, however, many researchers have projected much more modest goals for embryonic stem cells. Their chief interest is to derive embryonic stem cell lines from patients with specific diseases, and by tracking the cells in the test tube to develop basic knowledge about how the disease develops.

Not to mention extremely dangerous to patients:
Despite an F.D.A.-approved safety test of embryonic stem cells in spinal cord injury that the Geron Corporation began in January, many scientists believe that putting stem-cell-derived tissues into patients lies a long way off. Embryonic stem cells have their drawbacks. They cause tumors, and the adult cells derived from them may be rejected by the patient’s immune system.

They don't mention the fact that adult stem cells currently treat 65 ailments, but you can't have everything. This is today's journalism: admit the truth only after the opposite policy has been effected.

How cruel and cynical this is though. Did you see that poor fellow in the wheelchair who lobbies for ESCR each year and was singing Obama's praises because now he's convinced he'll walk again? I truly hope he will, but anyone who really wanted him to do so would put him on to this treatment. Or this one, instead of holding his recovery hostage to an abortion industry trying to legitimate itself.