"I'm A Born Humanitarian"

Mike Wallace's 1957 interview with Margaret Sanger. You have to watch! She's about what you'd expect, but Wallace!

The cigarette ad at the beginning is amazing: all natural tobacco with a man's kind of mildness in a crush-proof box. And he talks about the natural law! And the Church's opposition is described as "reasoning but unalterable."

She seems a poisonous old biddy. Half a dozen times he makes her disavow her own statements; he never touches race, where she was particularly offensive, although she does tell us murder's not a sin, but bringing a child into the world who has no chance to even be human (by which she means a WASP) is the greatest sin of all.

He asks her what to do about the 400,000 divorces in the country each year. 400,000!

I love her complaint that in Boston, Catholics have simply out-bred Protestants and are "in control" of that city.

Now Sanger reigns supreme and the poor cigarette's considered immoral.

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