Is The President Inept?

Obama doesn't understand the stock market. A small business owner writes:

When President Obama dismissed a decline of the Dow from 9,625 on Election Day to 6,763 on March 2 as something akin to a tracking poll, the vast middle class suddenly saw how alienated their concerns were from Obama’s concerns.

Obama had almost no money until he received $4 million dollars in book royalties in 2007. He has always worked for the government or non-profit entities. He is relatively young.

I realized that in the White House, Obama doesn’t deal with what I do: Scared secretaries with tears in their eyes coming in to ask for advice when they see 401-K statements down by 25 percent since Election Day.

Obama seems unconcerned with a divorced woman approaching retirement age looking at her 401-K statement and realizing that her plans to retire and spend time with her church and her grandkids are gone.

I wonder how the president would answer his salesman who, after never asking for a dime in his whole life, asks for a loan, because he had promised his children that he would pay his grandkids’ college tuition and he hasn’t the foggiest idea how he is going to do that now.