Kruschev In Connecticut

Remember Raised Bill 1098, the CT Assembly's effort to ban bishops from Catholic churches? The measure was tabled, but there was a rally against it today anyway --some 5000 strong. And a friend just sent me this. Quoting from a history of the Russian Orthodox church:
On March 31, 1961, Kuroedov of the Council for Russian Orthodox Affairs, called in the patriarch and three other church hierarchies, denounced the “dictatorial power” of parish priests, and asserted that the lay executive authority in a parish must rule. In April of 1961 the Holy Synod, under official coercion, drew up recommendations for a revision of church statutes that would transfer administrative and financial authority from the parish priest to the laity…These revisions were approved without any openly expressed opposition.

The change in parish governance made the closure of churches easier, as the authorities would rely on compliant churchwardens to overcome priest’ opposition… Clerics who refused to sign an agreement to uphold the revised statutes were denied renewed authorization to function… Government authorities then took advantage of regulations denying standing to a church without a priest and closed many churches where the priests had not been re-registered or had been removed

The author then notes:

Over 12,000 churches (from the meager 20,000 in existence) were closed in the 3 years following this decree.