Petty Griping While I'm At It

A wee bit miffed with the administration, enemies of liberty in the state houses and lazy journalists these days. What can I say? I get testy when I'm compelled to collude in morally repugnant actions and have my rights threatened to boot.

So, may I just add how much I hate the new white house web site? Just go there yourself on any given day and all you get are big splashy photos of the President. For the love of Pete, it's not sweeps week and this is not America, the sitcom. Even if I did find this on my friend's facebook page.

Look, everyone! It's President Huxtable!
Yes, they are a fine looking bunch, but this is the presidency.

The site is cheezy and you can't find anything. Speeches go up late. I still can't find the memorandum the President signed Monday instructing federal agencies how to select scientific advisors. (Basically you can only use lefty scientists now, but will he show us the language? No.) He supposedly issued it with the stem cell EO, so where is it?

Transparency? The only thing that's transparent is how in love with itself the admin is.

See that? I have to give myself a time-out now. I am officially too cranky to blog.