Potpourri of Popery, 2nd Week of Lent Edition

Yes, I'm still a Benedict groupie in spite of having given over the weekly Potpourri for some months. There is too much I've missed, so lemme sum up.

Old Popery:

Benedict in France:

Election of Kyrill as Patriarch of Moscow & All Russia
Hopeful news.

For the year of St. Paul
, Benedict took us through twenty Audiences on the great apostle. They're all collected at the end of this post.

Did the Pope rehabilitate a holocaust denier? No, he did not, as even a preliminary investigation would have made clear. Catholic bloggers have been denouncing the Vatican for botching this --the Vatican even seems to blame itself. I truly don't. Were I a religion reporter hearing that a holocaust denier was being un-excommunicated, rather than assuming bad faith and running with it, I might have called someone authoritative and tried to understand what the Church thought it was doing and reported that. Then I might have discovered the lifting had nothing to do with one dude's nutter opinions. But hey, that's just me.

The best round-up of what really happened and why is here. The Pope's heroic effort to bring home the SSPX may not be working however. Further developments here.

  • The Pope's Message for Lent reminds us what fasting's about, in case you've forgotten what giving up sweets has to do with being a better person. He cites an intriguing observation from St. Basil about there being fasting even in paradise --from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
  • Beautiful Ash Wednesday homily not yet in English because he departed from his text a great deal. As we might expect, it's about conversion and the battle against sin from the teaching of St. Paul.
  • Having completed his Pauline audiences, B16 returned to his series on great figures of the Church. Here's St. Bede.
Travels: March 17 the Pope departs for Africa: Cameroon & Angola. And to Israel in May, God willing.

And finally: The poor in judgment we have always with us. Yes, that is a priest doing the asperges with a super-soaker. (Curtsy: Curt Jester). Plus, giving tithing a bad rap.
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