Pro-Lifers Eating Their Own Again

In defense of Sen. Brownback, who's been taking a drubbing among pro-lifers (read the comments on the straightforward story) for announcing he'll support Gov. Sebelius for Sec. of HHS, even though he's a pro-lifer and she never met an abortion she couldn't subsidize. I heard Laura Ingraham going to town on him the other day.

Sigh. People, not every battle is won --in fact, few battles are won-- simply by wearing your heart on your sleeve.

For starters, of course he and Sen. Roberts would release a statement congratulating Sebelius on her nomination. They're from Kansas and she's their governor. That is considered pro forma courtesy. Just because we haven't seen common courtesies and protocols observed much in the past eight years doesn't mean they shouldn't be.

As for supporting her nomination, Brownback's support is tepid:
“The President won the election and has nominated a Kansan to the cabinet,” Brownback said in a statement. “Despite our profound policy differences, I will support my fellow Kansan.”
Translation for those who don't speak Washington:
I know full well that anyone Obama appoints will be as bad and some could be worse, and this woman will do far less damage at HHS than in Kansas. Therefore, I will happily boot her upstairs.
The unborn have had no more principled defender in the Senate than Sam Brownback. He's not only voted right, he's whipped votes behind the scenes, and without making enemies as some of our more abrasive champions do.

Moreover, he intends to be the next Governor of Kansas, and he has ambitious plans for making Kansas a model for what pro-lifers can achieve. He wants this popular and powerful politician out of the state and out of the picture, which she will be if her nomination succeeds. She's far more dangerous as governor than at HHS. And although her nomination reflects very poorly on the President, it's not as if she will be worse than anyone else he would choose --any nominee is going to follow his agenda, which is radical.

Kansas --and all us pro-lifers-- could not hope for a better governor than Sam Brownback. And now we're going to sit back and watch him torn apart by pro-lifers over a vote that won't save a single baby?

If you disagree with his judgment on this one, fair enough, but the right response is then, "I respect Sen. Brownback's record, but I think he's whiffing this one and here's why..." Not: "He sucks and he always has, that evil, weak, spineless moron!"

Please, people, for the love of souls, let go the paradigm in which no politician is actually pro-life and every difference in prudential judgment represents a betrayal: ah, now we see his "true colors." It's grossly unjust to good men and women on your side. And it's no way to win a culture war that must be won for liberty's sake.

Update: and similarly on the "Palin appointed a Planned Parenthood Stooge." Calm down, she had no choice.