Take No Prisoners In Connecticut

Regarding Connecticut's attempt to make Catholic churches no longer catholic. I agree completely with Patrick Archbold who writes the fact the law is destined to fail is not the point.

Some have written, what is the big deal? It is not likely to pass. It is a big deal, passage or not. This is how fictional rights are created and real rights eliminated. First is always the trial balloon. It is destined for failure, but passage is not the intent. The intent is to bring it into the conversation. The intent is to start a trend in other states with lawmakers proposing similar statutes, all under the guise of protecting regular folks. Then, after you have heard about it several times, it doesn't seem like a big deal anymore. Then maybe, just maybe, it passes somewhere. Then the gates will be opened and religious liberty in this country is over.

So what to do? We must not merely be content with defeating this bill. Everyone associated with it must be defeated, humiliated, and held up to public scorn. We need to make lawmakers in the other 49 states think twice before proposing anything similar.

Victory in this case is not the defeat of the bill, rather it is the defeat of any lawmaker associated with it.
Bingo. This isn't about Catholicism. Enemies of the religious liberty are enemies of the people. They have to lose their seats.

Update: Tom Hoopes at NCR has advice for protesters in Hartford tomorrow about what to expect.
2nd update: Anthony Esolen, too, is spoiling for a fight, except his attitude is, "Bring it On."
I feel like King Theoden, crusted with age and caution and moral compromise, listening to the self-serving whispers of Grima Wormtongue, now suddenly roused to life again when the enemy tips his hand too soon and makes it clear that he wishes nothing other than the annihilation of your people. Here at last we have a war thrust upon us, and we may with the apostles rejoice that we are being considered worthy to suffer contempt and persecution not only for our faith, but for the very republic wherein the battle is being offered.
3rd update: Cowards! They've withdrawn the bill for "study." I still say off with their heads (politically speaking). And there's still to be a pro-first amendment rally in Hartford tomorrow. Even MSNBC couldn't find a first amendment lawyer to defend this.