This Is Just Lovely

The Anchoress has been singing my hymns the past few days, and this post of hers is just lovely: 32 days of love beats an abortion.

I have argued many times that by welcoming new life into the world - regardless of how “perfect” that life is - we are allowing Love to come into the world, anew. And if God is Love, then it seems to follow that the “completely new” love that occurs between a parent and child - in utero and even more intensely ex utero - is God’s means of manifesting his “ever ancient, ever new” love - to make it real and knowable, touchable, breathable, kissable and grieve-able in the world.

Considered thusly, it is not surprising that those who would “subdue” God would also be enthusiastic about subduing new life - of judging how much life there should be, and of what quality...

Then she muses on nationalized health care and tells us the story of baby Faith, critically ill, but beautiful and a joy to her mother 32 days after doctors assured her mother she could not survive birth:
If this child does not live another day, she has the odds. Her life, and the love she and her mother share - a love that did not exist before her conception but now will never end - will have forever defeated the evil one.

We are rapidly putting limits on liberty in America. The ultimate liberty is to be able to choose life - whether the life is your own or someone else’s.