A Tragic Lack Of Television

The laundry beckoned, so I did what I often do in that instance: found something else to do.

Specifically, I asked my kids 20 questions about their perceptions of me as part of an exercise my cousin sent.

"What Your Kids Think About You" is basically a Facebook timewaster, but I thought I might learn something from some of the questions. Some of the answers are funny (there is broad munchkin agreement that "Something Mom is not good at" is "serving dessert"). Some moistened my eyes a bit (how they know they're loved, why they're proud of me).

But their answers to the all-important question, "If your mom were a cartoon character, which one would she be?" are simply shameful.

7-yr-old: Dot in The Tick
5-yr-old: Carmelita in the Tick
10-yr-old: Natasha in Bullwinkle, just kidding, American Maid in the Tick
12-yr-old: Arthur from the Tick

Not Wonder Woman? I'd have accepted Wilma Rubble, Jane Jetson, Yosemite Sam, Yogi Bear or even Daisy Duck. Alas, the Tick is all they know.

This is what comes of restricting tv, people. That, and allowing Sarcastic Uncle to be the chief supplier of DVDs.