WaPo Disgusted With Itself

Today's editorial.
... And yet for the past several days, Washington has been consumed by the point-scoring possibilities of a flap over commentator Rush Limbaugh. It is almost unbelievable that grown men and women in government, of either party, are spending time and energy on this.
"Almost" being the key word, apparently, as it was quite. believable. yesterday when Limbaugh's name found its way into one major story, two others, and I'm not even bothering to mention opinion pieces. It was pretty believable to Howard Kurtz on Friday. Chris Cilizza, too. Also Dana Milbank. In fact, the Post's political reporters hosted an on-line chat on the subject Friday. On Thursday Post blogger Dan Froomkin took up the topic. And we were informed it was all WaPo's readers wanted to talk about.

And Wednesday , of course, I complained that perhaps the Limbaugh flap didn't merit the
front page. I won't even bother linking all the stories of the ancillary Limbaugh stories about Limbaugh vs. Michael Steele.

What we have here, I believe, is the editors realizing the anti-Limbaugh gambit reflects poorly on the White House, and thus trying to change the subject. Which, as John Boehner rightly noted in an op-ed Thursday, was only raised in the first place to change the subject from what the Dems are actually doing.