Beats Le Tupperware

WSJ: French Recipe For Launching 1000 Parties. 14,000 Americans have signed up to host sales parties for the French government:

Would-be hosts are required to go to the House Party Web site and fill out a form. The company plans to choose 1,000 applicants who will receive coupons that offer 15% discounts on certain French wines and a free gift when they order French cheeses on specific Web sites.

They also will receive a hamper of French-themed party gear, including a corkscrew, an apron and a CD featuring pop singer Carla Bruni, wife of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

In return for the gifts, the hosts must hold a party, take photos and blog before and after, in an effort to help create a buzz about French wine and food. After the party, they will have to answer a questionnaire seeking their opinion of the products they tasted. French wine and cheese producers are planning to follow up the parties with a series of special promotions of French goods at local shops and supermarkets.