Obamessiah Withdrawn

I'm sure you've seen that painting of the Obamessiah --with Obama wearing a crown of thorns and posed as if he were on the cross. The artist is withdrawing it from display. Here's why.

I just thought that through that painting people would see different things. The right and the left would have different interpretations of it based on their political lens. But I have to admit I was very surprised that instead of that I got thousands of email complaining on the religious front. And that was not my intent at all. I wanted to create a dialog politically but not religiously. I didn't mean to make fun of anybody's religion; maybe I did so naively but I didn't mean it that way. In the bible Jesus is The Truth and comparing Obama that way isn't something I meant to do at all.

Apparently, I've upset a lot of people. And I've decided that's not what I wanted to do and I'm not going to display it in the park on Wednesday ... art is meant to be somewhat provocative but the religious element went way farther than I had anticipated
It's astonishing anyone could be that naive or that ignorant; but it's refreshing to find an artist for whom provocation is not the highest value.

It's also astonishing to find a work withdrawn due to rethinking of its purpose rather than because of potential beheading.

I wonder if he'll be blacklisted by the "artistic community"?