Remember Daniloff

Jennifer Rubin doesn't like Obama's response to Iran's conviction of American journalist Roxana Saberi on espionage charges. (The Prez has expressed first "disappointment" and now "concern.")
One hopes the full force of the United States government is being applied to rescue one of our own citizens from a hellish captivity. And if we cannot find the words to properly express outrage or the will to force her release, we can expect that the Iranians and many other dictatorial regimes will conclude they have free rein to take pot shots at America and nab our citizens.

Hmm. What did Reagan say publicly when the Soviets kidnapped Daniloff? I don't remember, I'm just asking. But if we recall the Daniloff case, Gorbachev had him released and this was taken as an "opening" to the West which led to enormous pressure on Reagan to make concessions to Gorby at Reykjavik. The entire world --including Conservatives and his own administration-- wanted Reagan to concede missile defense. Only the shrewd mind and steel spine of Ronald Reagan saved the West at that moment.

Mr. W. predicts Ahmadenijad will try to use Saberi in just the way the Soviets used Daniloff: he'll release her, this will be seen as an amazing gesture of good will, and even Conservatives will start favoring meeting with Iran.