Safe, Legal & Mandatory

On Friday the Senate rejected an amendment from Sen. Coburn protecting the conscience rights of health care workers. Coburn, himself a doctor, remarked:
Like many pro-life doctors, I would go to jail before being forced to perform procedures, such as abortion, that violate my deepest held convictions. Medical ethics is based on the principle of ‘First, do no harm.’ I will fight to protect this Constitutional right as a physician and as a senator. Discriminating against health care providers by requiring them to disregard their deeply held beliefs is assault on liberty.
The majority of Catholic senators voted against it too (9 of 16). The vote was 51-46.

We can't even muster a majority of the Senate for the proposition that a doctor who believes abortion is the taking of an innocent life shouldn't have to perform one?

Welcome to respectful dialogue. I believe it's the same kind we'll be getting from Norko & Iran over their missile programs.