You're 16, You're Beautiful, & You're Pumped Up w/ Free Government Norplant

Relax, it's just a proposal. In response to the fact that millions of pounds sterling have been spent in Great Britain to curb teen pregnancy, yet the rate is nearly the same it was ten years ago.

Let's just ignore all the medical and moral objections for once. ninme has a good question nonetheless:
I don’t know why nobody suggests tying all boys off (till they’ve done right by a girl and are married, preferably). Why are girls always the ones getting pumped full of gadgets and chemicals when it’s the boys who can be …tampered with, safely, temporarily and with no weird foreign objects shoved into them.
Well...safely, not so much, but we're ignoring health problems. The answer is (say it with me now): because it's only women, so who the hell cares?