Granma's Kind of Crabby

In eight years I've never heard a radio news headline criticize a Democrat in Washington, but suddenly at the close of this week there was Pelosi blood in the water over her enhanced interrogation hypocrisy. Mean headlines, too, in which the writers were obviously amusing themselves with plastic surgery allusions.

Gingrich explains the problem.

She'll weather it fine, but it's interesting. Leon Panetta's against her, which is her main problem. A bit hard to scapegoat the CIA when your own CIA director won't let you, and the Dems and the MSM seem more than willing to let her twist in the winds of acute embarrassment for awhile. Steny Hoyer called for her to be investigated. "Reluctantly."

Tells me she's not liked in her own party, which makes me feel better about humanity. I mean, I easily "forgive" people for not sharing my politics, but enthusiastically accepting this woman as your champion?

I ask myself how a red-blooded man or woman could bear it, and am relieved to know it at least chafes.

NYT: A Rare Dent In Pelosi Armor

Even Dana Milbank's against her: Pelosi's Fancy Footwork About Waterboarding.
Nancy Pelosi is a woman of many talents. Yesterday, she performed the delicate art of backtracking while walking sideways....
"Thank you!" an aide called out to signal an end to the session. Pelosi walked, sideways, away from the lectern and, still sidling in a sort of crab walk, was halfway to the door when a yell from CNN's Dana Bash, rising above the rest of the shouting, froze her in the aisle.
Meanwhile, Crabby Granma tries to dial it back.