A Hard Rain Gonna Fall

It's pouring here in the Nation's Capital: so loudly I barely slept. A mild wind brought the drops in at an odd angle such that they thump-thumpa-thumped insistently against one bedroom window all night long.

I finally decamped to a sofa and awoke with this in my head. So sorry if the post title seems a bit dramatic in this context, but did you know there's an "arms race" in space? And we seem determined to lose it? Plus:
Unhappily, the administration is pushing Israel to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as a “non-nuclear-weapons state,” meaning Israel would have to eliminate its nuclear arsenal. Iran and others will welcome this, given their repeated demands for the same result. Today’s real proliferation threat, however, is not Israel, but states like Iran and North Korea that become parties to the alphabet soup of arms control treaties and then violate them with abandon. Without robust American reactions to these violations — not apparent in administration thinking — more will follow.
And the Vice-President may be flat-out nuts, but he was right about the test in the first six months, wasn't he? And it's a nuclear test! ninme posts this: Could that loud bang be North Korea...?, which takes a rather encouraging view.

Me, I never understand why we think we can stop a nation determined to do so from going nuclear. Do the words India & Pakistan mean nothing to anybody?

Which is why I like missile defense: defuse the threat, then no one need pay any mind when Kim & Abombnjihad stamp their wicked little feet. But no, we're not allowed to have it, nor, as Mr. Bolton points out above, are any of our friends.

P.S. It's a good thing we have a knowledgeable ambassador to Japan. (Doh!)