Kids Can See Through Saturation Bombing

I was surprised to hear our sweet-natured and apolitical Girl Weed (10) describe her school day today as
random acts of liberalism.
Apparently she and her closest friend exchange meaningful glances and mutter this to each other at school whenever anyone talks about global warming. She recited me the litany of instances it came up today by chance.

Our parochial school does a reasonably good job at side-stepping fads because the administration is sensible, but that doesn't prevent the teachers and students from being of our time and place. There's no school movement to go green, but our kids are getting an earful from their peers and particular instructors nonetheless.

It's tedious, all that propaganda. It sucks the joy out of the school day for two bright, high achieving little girls who otherwise love school, love learning, love teachers. And it's making them cynical.