Maybe He Is The Anti-Christ After All?

I'm just going to say it outright: I don't think Obama makes a move that isn't aimed at destroying the Catholic Church least the Church in this country.

The Soros Catholic projects; Doug Kmiec; the Vichy Catholic cabinet --getting putative Catholics to do all the heavy lifting on life and marriage issues. It's not enough the culture of life be destroyed; it must be destroyed by "Catholics."

(Years from now when the culture of death has died of attrition and what remains of the nation is run by people who were actually born, rather than aborted, experimented upon, injected into Parkinson's patients or frozen in nitrogen, the history books are going to tell us the Catholic Church was responsible for the abortion holocaust as they now claim the Church was responsible for the Shoah. Some future pope will be apologizing for how little the Church did to defend innocent life, Catholics will be seen as collaborators and people will say the corrupt popes of the turn of the 21st century didn't do enough. A few highly-placed collaborators get all the attention.)

And now the President's got a mole at L'Osservatore Romano --I wonder if he's albino? (If you haven't been following that troubling scandal, Michael Novak summarizes nicely; the editors of the Pope's newspaper have been beguiled by words, having no clue about actions:
he is a golden-tongued, a honey-tongued speaker, skillful as no one else in making everyone in his audience, even those on opposite sides of an issue, believe that he is siding with them. It takes unprecedented skills to decipher what Obama means to do. Slowly, we in America are learning.)
Toldja this was war.