Movie Reviews On Aisle 6


During my Monday grocery run, Ed at checkout --after mocking me for having such a full cart after only 15 minutes in the store (what can I say, it's down to a science)-- got to telling me how thoroughly he enjoyed the new Star Trek movie.

"I don't know if I can see it," I told him. "As a little girl (8-12) I had a passionate crush on Capt. Kirk and it feels like betrayal."

Ed clucked sympathetically but then patiently explained that I should let Nimoy & Shatner go --"We have to let them rest and embrace the new fellas."

"Well...but can I take my kids," I asked? "Any sex scenes that will defile them?"

"Nah, this is Star Trek," he explained.
There's no sex in the future!
Been laughing at that all afternoon. Ed hated Obsessed, by the way. Says Beyonce's acting is so wooden he kept wishing the husband would dump her and go with the stalker chick, who at least had some life in her.

So there you have it. And strawberries are on sale.