Radicalizing Prisons

A reader over at Contentions highlights the folly of bringing terrorists to American soil --even if it's only to prison.
I wonder how long before people (besides, to his credit, Robert Muller of the FBI) figure out that having celebrity terrorists in any U.S. prison — even a super-duper max — will inevitably radicalize the prison population. We are injecting ourselves with a lethal virus, and fooling ourselves that it won’t hurt us. Like putting Napoleon on the Isle of Elba or keeping Lenin on the infamous “sealed train” through Germany, you have to keep ideological foes far at bay. Ideology seeps out. Even if no other prisoner ever comes into direct contact with one of these celebrity terrorists, their mere presence in the same facility will inspire, influence and over time radicalize the population, just like Africanized Honeybees always take over European Honeybee colonies. Obama is scoring a goal in his (our) own net. This is folly in the extreme.

In my neck of the woods, it's already the case that prisoners often come out radicalized and Islamicized (albeit by the heterodox Nation of Islam).

Update: The President may have found a better solution.