Soros Catholics Blame Pro-Life Groups

It begins. It's as if an agent provocateur had committed this wretched act.
Dr. Tiller's death comes at a time when some are calling for a heightened war of words over abortion even as a new common ground approach – aimed at unifying Americans behind solutions to the economic and social factors underlying many abortion decisions – is gathering steam. We have absolutely no reason to believe that those who seek an escalation of the so-called “culture war” are responsible for today's unjustifiable act of violence. We fear, however, that this murder is a byproduct of increasingly hateful and intolerant language on the part of some militant opponents of legal abortion – language that has often sought to demonize people like Dr. Tiller to the point of dehumanization.”

“In the wake of Dr. Tiller's death, we call on all sides of the abortion debate to commit to charitable dialogue and pursuit of common ground solutions. It is only through this sort of respectful communication that we can find real solutions to abortion and avert tragedies like the one that occurred in Kansas today.

Meet the new Catechism, folks: you have to do it Obama's way, or else you're a murder-inciting freak.

I'm not sure I need a lesson in charitable dialogue from people who use a man's murder to score cheap political points within moments of his death. Nor am I certain this demonizing of all defenders of innocent life because of one evil man is a respectful communication.