"Souter will be hard to beat" from The Ryskind Sketchbook

In case you missed it, Jules Crittenden's prayer, A Reverse Souter, I Entreat Thee

O Dark Gods of Politics, Thou who Dwell under Rocks, please visit upon them that which Thou so cruelly visited upon Bush the Elder, when he who was called Sununu pronounced the appointment of a stay-at-home momma’s boy sheep farmer a “home run,” and Thou made of him a Flaming Lib.

I know this is asking a lot, O Vile Lords of Contrariness, Stupidity, Corruption, Vice, Narrow Self-Interest and Betrayal, Wretched be Thy Names, for Thou hath ordained of late that door shall swing mainly in the other direction. Find for him, Thy Annointed Won, a lefty handwringer who legislates most stridently from the bench, a champion of absurdity, let us see this scoundrel exalted, and then dispatch the Winged Monkey of Thy Perversity to throw his Wicked Wrench into those works!