Negotiating With Iranian Terrorists

In response to my post below about Obama's making the second best choice on Iraq, a friend wrote in saying she sort of agreed but found his tin ear infuriating. She noted with approval someone's comparison of the President's toneless reaction to the martyrdom of Neda, for example, with Michael Dukakis' dispassionate discussion of his wife's hypothetical rape. I agree with that utterly.

Now comes another wrinkle: Obama's been negotiating with Iranian terrorists. Read the story, but as Andrew McCarthy puts it, "prepare to be infuriated."
The Obama administration has not only released Laith Qazali, it has been in negotiations to release his brother, Qais Qazali, as well. The negotiations and release were carried out in flagrant disregard of the longstanding policy against exchanging prisoners for the release of hostages. Undermining that policy endangers all American troops and civilian personnel — as well as the troops and civilian personnel of our allies — by encouraging terrorists to kidnap them to use as bargaining chips.

This is very bad.