This Revolution Will Not Be Televised, But Twittered

The Anchoress has a terrific round-up on doings in Iran, including Michael Ledeen's analysis of the situation and the players. The election protests --and the role of twitter in them-- are amazing and their disputed election highlights our president's incredible weakness. (Qaddafi has taken note.)

Sarko stands with the protesters. Gateway Pundit has various videos from the streets if you scroll around.

For a view to the contrary (possibly now overtaken by events), George Friedman thinks Abombnjihad actually won fairly. I don't know what that would mean in a Mullah-controlled state --Ledeen's account suggests Moussavi too was going to have an arranged win, and the Mullahs later renegged on their deal with him. I have nothing to say about that, but Friedman's caution that our view of Iran and "what Iranians think" is wildly distorted is well-taken.