Why Can't I Read Wheat & Weeds?

Update: Please do me a favor? If I'm linked in your sidebar, please update the address to www.wheatandweeds.com. While most browsers redirect traffic from the old .blogspot address, readers using Safari will get just an error message (hence the rumors of my blog-death). And if you are one of my blog-friends who links to me frequently, would you mind letting your readers know about the address change? Thanks!

I think the problem discussed below is solved. Let me know via email if you're still having troubles the next few days.

Several readers have written me to ask if I've quit blogging or died. Neither! Since September when I went back to work I've been blogging less when projects intervene, and that will continue unless I get sacked.

But the problems you've been having getting the site to load are attributable to Haloscan, my comment manager. Another company bought them out and site changes and upgrades can affect blogs like mine that use the blogger platform but have their own domain and design. They're working on it. (Incidentally, I don't know what other browsers are doing, but in Firefox you can always see the top post of the week, even when the rest of the site won't load.)

First, point your browser at the updated address: www.wheatandweeds.com (rather than the old .blogspot address).

Then, for the time being I can only ask your patience --the site works most of the time, so just because you can't read it in the morning doesn't mean you won't be able to read the rest of the day. If worse comes to worst, I can always ditch Haloscan and return to Blogger comments or find another platform altogether, but I resist those solutions for the time being.