Backbone America

Richard Reeb, one of my favorite bloggers from the now-defunct Claremont blog, is now hanging his shingle at Backbone America. Here's one of his latest: Our language controls our political thought. He strikes at our degraded understanding of three important terms:

The terms, Culture, Values and Ideology, are inconsistent with and subversive of free republican government. Free society is not any old culture but one which is in accordance with human nature. Liberty is not merely a value but the right of every human being. And the political philosophy of the Declaration is not an ideology but based on “the laws of nature and of nature’s God.”

If we would perpetuate our precious heritage, we need to watch our language. Academic weasel words won’t cut it.

RTWT to understand why, and I can add an additional argument. Those words in current usage deeply irritate me, and we can't have that.